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spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41166 posts
11/22/2021 3:18 am

It is intense pleasure. If someone strokes my balls my orgasm gets more intense.

1bighammer1000 57M  
4304 posts
11/22/2021 3:56 am

For me it's like waves of electricity running all though my body. I remember my first time, it was like a electric jolt that just froze my body.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

peladodel56 65M  
10340 posts
11/22/2021 4:36 am

Es como una corriente de energía acumulada que se libera y no quisiera que acabara nunca... Y el tuyo???

BiJack55 72M

11/22/2021 6:09 am

Different each time

greatguy4u522 56M

11/22/2021 7:45 am

Depends on the foreplay?? If good foreplay.. great!

packageman57 65M
1093 posts
11/22/2021 9:22 pm

It depends on how it was induced. If I'm doing it myself, it's a totally different feeling than if a partner is doing me. And then, it depends on what they are doing to make me orgasm. For some reason, a blowjob is my most intense orgasm. If done right, I get a tingling right down my legs. But, truth be told, I don't believe I've ever had a "bad" orgasm....

peladodel56 65M  
10340 posts
11/23/2021 7:08 pm

Tu descripción es perfecta y excitante, muy parecida a la que quise expresar pero tú lo has hecho mejor y me gustaría tener en mis brazos una mujer que se manifieste de esa manera.

Teyjj 54M  
4122 posts
11/24/2021 6:01 pm

Happy to see you came back for more and didn't just leave us. This can be a nice place to unleash your thoughts and, sometimes, learn what others think about the type of stuff that you think about, or what type of thoughts they have running through their minds.

I should be answering the question that you asked but, after reading your question, I kinda realize that regardless of how much effort I put into chasing that feeling I still have no way of putting into words what it is that I feel when I come. But it leaves me breathless.

Knowing me, I'm probably going to spend a few days coming back to it trying to find an answer. Of course, by the time I do I will already have been distracted by another train of thought. (Story of my life: I keep changing horses/thoughts in mid-stream!)

cyclingfool 60M  
6666 posts
12/3/2021 7:52 am

I don't think I've ever had a bad one, but it depends on the setting and the method.
Intercourse in a nice wet pussy feels like heaven, anal feels erotic, tight and knee weakening, a slow wet but talented BJ is relaxing and soothing, as is a lubed hand job from a sexy woman.
But the most amazing I have ever experiences was one with a prostrate massage combined with a BJ and hand job. Toe curling, eyes rolled back on my head climax.

Willoilu 57M
8 posts
12/9/2021 10:11 am

I play regularly w friends m and f married and she takes a long time to cum...her hot button is her asshole she will absolutely spin out of control if she is being licked as she pets her clit!

doncarinio 47M
15 posts
12/11/2021 3:28 pm

Un orgasmo me hace sentir vivo, me quema la sangre por dentro. Es una combinación de todos los placeres de la vida juntos. Pero el extasis se alcanza cuando acabo al mismo tiempo que mi compañera. Ese es el momento de maximo placer .
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Palladin_44 45M  
5 posts
2/22/2022 5:52 pm

The excitement that builds during foreplay electrifies my body as i feel it deep in my core body. It continues building as we fuck, feeling her body movements change I know she is close. That tingling seem to explode with my hot cum into her. After that initial intense pleasure it slowly subsides throughout my body, still lingering as I take her into my arms.

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